Morocco – A Step Back in Time 2022

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Morocco lies on the northwest nook of Africa, simply throughout the Rock of Gibraltar from Spain. That near connection to Europe has served Morocco in lots of specific capacities – for example, as an break out path of Jews, Muslims and different persecuted peoples, at some point of the Inquisition. And currently, a factor of departure for tens of thousands and thousands of Moroccan migrant people who spend numerous months a 12 months creating a residing in Europe. Visit  private driver in Morocco


What’s so stunning approximately Morocco is that the subculture from medieval instances remains intact. For instance, the metropolis of Fez is set 1,220 years old, and homes the global’s oldest functioning university. It additionally has the global’s biggest car-loose region (due to the fact the streets have been constructed for donkeys, and are too small for cars!). In all of the imperial cities, you locate donkey-carts, horses and buggies, and sometimes a camel as well!


Men commonly get dressed withinside the conventional Arab “djellaba” that’s a form of coat that is going over everyday clothes. Many girls put on a comparable garment known as a “kaftan”.


Except withinside the High Atlas Mountains, it seldom is going underneath freezing. And so in case you revel in the wintry weather in Marrakesh, you’ll see orange timber in complete fruit, and historical palm timber, at the same time as withinside the historical past the High Atlas Mountains are protected in snow towards a cobalt blue sky. It is stunningly stunning! 


 A experience to the Sahara Desert ought to be on everyone’s agenda, because the camel experience into the dunes at sundown is virtually unforgettable, some thing you’ll re-stay at some stage in your complete life. I by no means met a camel I did not like!


Perhaps you’ve got by no means tasted Moroccan food? Such as tagine, bastilla or couscous? Along with a extensive variety of breads, olives and fruits, I locate this delicacies to be clean and scrumptious…. they certainly understand the way to make a fulfilling meal. I suppose I won approximately five kilos on our 2-week experience! And of course, scrumptious mint tea!


I must suggest one motel in particular, simply out of doors of Marrakesh. It’s known as Kasbah Omar and it turned into SOOOO stunning, and soooooo peaceful! It’s nestled up on a mountain, withinside the center of a Berber village, so you are certainly in the subculture…. and I determined the Berbers to be very fun-loving, all smiles, and trying to analyze English. The rooms have been simply splendid, and the workforce regarded to be anticipating us to invite for some other orange juice, or wine, or anything it turned into we needed! And what a VIEW!  Wow! Also, we took a conventional Moroccan tubtub at the same time as there – it is known as a hammam – and it turned into simply lovely.


One issue I realized, a bit too late, turned into that if I desired to convey a bit present for the kids, a gaggle of toothbrushes could were the proper issue. Next time! 


It’s not possible to choose a favourite issue approximately Morocco – the without end flowing wine, the delectable food, the stunning accommodations, the heartwarming human beings, the scrumptious tea, the sssssnake charmers in Marrakesh – and so I won’t! 


But I will suggest a top-notch tour organization that makes a speciality of customized, personal car-and-motive force excursions in Morocco. It’s known as Distinctive Travel International ( and those human beings do a certainly fantastic process! I did not have a care withinside the global at the same time as I turned into there; they idea of everything! Clean, reliable, friendly, educated, funny, and extraordinary with kids. I could not say sufficient approximately what a extraordinary process they did for our vacation!